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The Weird Entrepreneurs Podcast is the Shaolin Temple of kick-ass 30 minute interviews with today's top entrepreneurs. The purpose of this show is to help you experience the transformation you are seeking in your life and in your business to get the results you truly desire. Check out for a complete recap of each and every show along with helpful tools and resources to grow your business as well as grow spiritually and mentally. Learn how to monetize your own unique and divine weirdness on this Podcast with your host Justin & D Verrengia. Once you meet Justin and D you'll agree there is no one like them on the planet. Justin Verrengia is better known as the "Hippie Jedi" and D is the "Bliss Jedi". Together they are million dollar earners who continue to innovate not only the way things are done but how our society lives. Their biggest passion in life is inspiring others to live their dreams.
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Weird Entrepreneurs | ***Inspiring Interviews*** | 3 Days A Week


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Oct 30, 2015

Rob Scott is known for hijacking people’s minds, rewiring their limiting beliefs, and leaving them completely transformed. He is a master level coach who creates digital products and training programs for world changers that help them “breakthrough” their deepest limits. After working with Rob people become incredibly effective, more successful and deeply fulfilled. His flagship product called “The Identity Shifting Mastermind” reprograms people’s mindsets, and connects them to their deepest purpose. You can find out more about how Rob hacks the human brain at and how he shifts identities at

Oct 28, 2015

Brandon Beachum spent the last five out of six years of his life running a company (ResortShare) started in 2010 with zero startup capital while living on his friend’s couch. He was recently featured at #569 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies. A year ago, Brandon turned the day-to-day operations of his company over to his very capable partners so that he could follow his passion to help raise consciousness on this planet.

Oct 26, 2015

J V Crum III is a business coach who helps entrepreneurs grow six and seven figure conscious businesses. He is a speaker, marketing expert, Huffington Post Columnist, best-selling author of “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference” and hosts the top-ranking Conscious Millionaire family of podcasts. J V is Founder of, a global coaching and wealth product business and holds an MBA, JD, Masters in Psychology, and has built and sold successful companies. He is also the Founder/Director of the non-profit Conscious World Foundation which provides training to youth aged18-25 to become the next generation of conscious leaders worldwide.

Oct 23, 2015

Kylie Slavic comes from a Holistic Healing/Health professional background which got her into marketing. Her #1 personal value is FREEDOM and her mission is to empower others in that area - financially, spiritually, politically, even environmentally. In the past 2 years Kylie managed 5 major launches, helped scale a company to $5 million a year in revenue, built several successful automated funnels and generated $1.25 million dollars and 40,000 leads. (from the Facebook Ad Strategies of Justin Verrengia & Jubril Agoro. among other things :)

Oct 19, 2015

Lawrence Tam is Father of 3, Retired Mechanical Engineer at the age of 33, Top affiliate marketer and Million Dollar earner, Super Affiliate with various companies as well as a  Network Marketing Consultant.

Oct 16, 2015

Anthony Franciosi is the founder of “The Honest Marijuana Company (aka Ants Organic) which utilizes all-natural cultivation methods to produce only the finest organic and eco-conscious cannabis products. Originally created as a way to holistically relieve pain form sports injuries, the Honest Marijuana Company produces a more earth friendly cannabis than the other hydroponically-grown strains available today.

Oct 14, 2015

Hao Jiang is the co-founder of CookieCutterKingdom, which uses 3D printing technology to offer you thousands of cookie cutter designs in various sizes. As a former management consultant with deep roots in technology, Hao and his partner unveiled the first-ever online customization platform for cookie cutters, allowing bakers to create personalized cutters with imprinted text.

Oct 12, 2015

Brad Harker is a published author, speaker, influence expert, consultant, and entrepreneur. His creativity and passion for problem solving has fueled a robust entrepreneurial background that includes the creation of several companies and more than a quarter-billion dollars in sales. Brad’s published book, The Laws of Influence - Mastering the Art of Sales, Leadership, and Change has been recognized as an essential resource for entrepreneurs, sales leaders and influencers. Brad actively consults with professionals and organizations in the disciplines of sales, entrepreneurship, and influence.

Oct 9, 2015

Nellie Akalp is a serial entrepreneur, small business advocate, speaker and author. Through the various “Do-It-Yourself” and “Business-Startup” services she has founded since 1997, she has formed over half a million corporations and LLCs for small business owners. Her last company was acquired by in 2005. Today, she and her husband, Phil, operate where they help entrepreneurs start, grow and maintain their businesses. Nellie shares her expert tips with readers at Forbes, Entrepreneur and Mashable and is a regular guest expert on the Fox Small Business Center. She was named a Top 100 Small Business Influencer in 2012, 2013, and 2014 by Small Business Trends.

Oct 7, 2015

Chris Yoko has always had an entrepreneurial mindset - from selling pixie sticks in elementary school to selling real estate to pay for college.  Chris then became the managing partner for a DC based ad agency which he helped grow from a small team in a single office to four offices in DC, Dallas, Chicago and New York.  After a few years he left that business to start his own.  Founded in 2009 what started as a single person consulting firm has grown into 7 digit interactive marketing firm which helps clients with a passion or purpose beyond just profits grow their businesses and maximize their impact. 

Oct 5, 2015

Sir John Hargrave is the CEO of Media Shower, the world's premiere content marketing company. His new book "Mind Hacking," about how to reprogram your mind and change your life, is available from Simon and Schuster's Gallery Books in January 2016.

Oct 2, 2015

Crystal Marsh is a career and business coach. After graduating from law school, she was working as an attorney, and for  all  intents and purposes, seemed incredibly successful, but she lacked fulfillment. Crystal had to discover for   herself how to define success and fulfillment in order to  find work that she loves.  Her life's work is helping   others do the same.  She helps millennials leave their un-inspring jobs, find work they love, land better opportunities, and make more money.